My own breed, Dioro 2 years old stallion

My own breed, Dioro 2 years old stallion


I´m proude to say I am from Norway but I moved to Sweden for a complete change in my busy life some years ago

A life on stage in the showbiz with not to healhty lifestyle, and a hard-working man in transport industry made us eager for a complete change. Far away from the limelight and late nights, heavy lifting and lots of appointments my husband and I moved to Sweden in 2008 without any network at all. But we started out with a clean slate you may say. It has not been without challenges, but above all really exiting and informative. I brought 3 horses from Norway but today we have 7 of this beautiful animals at our farm in the south of sweden.

Beside my passion for horses, I´ve learned to be very passionated in photography as well. So the days are too short as usual, like for the most of us

In 2014 we started out our very first BnB here at the farm.  It has been a great success for us with the best feedbacks we could ever hope for from our lovely guests from around the world. 

In the old pig stables, which is a beautiful brick house on the farm, we finally got our long awaited farm shop! Here we have a house full of old furniture and other antiques. ( perfect props for my photography by the way..) As our guest on the farm, these doors to vintage heaven are always open for you