It all started when...


I moved to Sweden and changed my lifestyle completely. I had always dreamed of having my own horse.

A life on stage in the showbiz with not to healhty lifestyle, and a hard-working man in transport industry made us eager for a complete change. Far away from the limelight and late nights, heavy lifting and lots of appointments my husband and I moved to Sweden in 2008 without any network at all. But we started out with a clean slate you may say. It has not been without challenges, but above all really exiting and informative. I brought 3 horses from Norway but today we have 7 of this beautiful animals at our farm in the south of sweden.

Besides my passion for horses, my relatively new passion is photography and editing. I am self taught and learn something new every day. That's what makes all this so exciting. And the days are too short as usual, like for the most of us. I belive I am a very dedicated person and when I become obsessed with something, there is no way around it. Both joy and sorrow for my beloved ones I´m afraid. But you know:

An unhappy mother does not raise a happy child.

Joni Mitchell

Now it's time for new challenges and exciting adventures